FirmaChain Airdrop

FCT is a token necessary for using FirmaChain-related services. FCT can be used (i) to pay the service
fees for the DApp, developed using the Firma Network; (ii) to be exchanged as FDR, a currency needed
to use FirmaChain’s Decentralized Data Storage; and (iii) to store short strings that require a stricter
integrity standard.

How to Join :

  1. Chat with this Telegram bot.
  2.  Join their Telegram group (Mandatory: $0.5 worth of FCT)
  3.  Follow their Twitter  and retweet the pinned post with the hashtags #FCT #FirmaChain (Mandatory: $1 worth of FCT)
  4. Follow their Medium (Optional: $0.75 worth of FCT)
  5. Do the other optional tasks on the bot. (Up to $0.25 worth of FCT)
  6.  Submit your details to the airdrop bot.
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Estimated Value

$2.5 + ref

Tokens per Claim

2.50$ FCT

Max. Participants




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